AI is revolutionizing the way small and medium businesses manage their inventory. Itemery is a powerful software solution that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to reliably and rapidly catalog items. By pointing the camera of a




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Itemery is an office inventory software designed for small and medium businesses. It harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to quickly and accurately add items to an app. It works by simply pointing the camera of a mobile device at an object, and the neural network will automatically recognize and add it to the user’s item list.

The AI technology integrates with existing tools, making it easy to access the items, no matter where they are stored. Itemery also has features like groupings, which allow users to create custom collections of items for easy tracking and monitoring. Additionally, this software alert users when items have been returned past their due date. Ultimately, Itemery is a powerful software solution that streamlines the process of tracking and managing inventory for organizations of all sizes.

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