AI Bot

AI Bot

AI Bot is an innovative solution that allows users to craft their own artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot on WhatsApp with customizable templates. Leveraging no-code, AI Bot facilitates configurable logic



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AI Bot is a new product that enables users to create their own artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot on WhatsApp. It was designed with extensible templates so users can build their own bots without having to worry about the limitations of no-code. With AI Bot, users can change bot logic flexibly and utilize any API, NPMs, and code in both JavaScript and TypeScript to create their own AI Bot. Using AI Bot, users can construct their own AI Bot without having to worry about coding, which makes it more accessible to users of all levels.

AI Bot offers a robust and powerful platform to create AI bot experiences, helping their users create more concise and efficient bots with no coding experience required.

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