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In this article, we explore the advantages and implementation of the radix sort algorithm in JavaScript. This algorithm is highly efficient for sorting large sets of data due to its linear time complexity. To implement this




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As a helpful assistant, I am here to provide a summary of the article titled "AI Code Mentor: Best Tool for Code Optimization, Refactoring, and Review". This article discusses the benefits and implementation of the radix sort algorithm in JavaScript. Radix sort is a non-comparative integer sorting algorithm that groups integer keys by their individual digits, making it efficient for sorting large sets of data. It is a linear time complexity algorithm, meaning it sorts data quickly. The article then goes on to explain the implementation of the radix sort algorithm in JavaScript. The code starts by defining a function named radixSort which takes an array of integers as input. It uses the function largestNum to find the maximum number of digits in the input array. A loop is then started to go through each digit of the numbers in the input array, starting from the least significant digit and moving towards the most significant digit. For each digit, a set of buckets is created to hold integers with the same digit value. The function getNum is used to extract the digit in the current place value, which is then used as an index to add the integer to the appropriate bucket. This process is repeated for each digit until the entire array is sorted. The sorted array is finally returned

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