The Fotor AI-powered face creator simplifies the process of generating lifelike faces in just four simple steps. By inputting specific prompts, such as gender, age, and facial details,


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The AI face generator from Fotor allows users to easily create photorealistic faces in just four simple steps. By entering specific text prompts, such as gender, age, and facial details, the AI technology automatically generates a realistic face photo in a matter of seconds. If the initial photo is not satisfying, users can simply click the "Generate" button again or modify the text prompts to generate a new image. Furthermore, the tool offers a variety of image generation styles to choose from, including 3D, illustration, anime, and oil painting. This allows users to customize their face photos according to their preferences. Once the desired face has been created, users can easily download it by clicking the "Download" button, conveniently located in the right corner. The AI face generator from Fotor is a user-friendly tool that eliminates the time and effort of creating human faces manually. It offers a quick and efficient solution for those looking to generate unique faces for various purposes. With this innovative technology, users can easily create high-quality face photos without any technical skills or knowledge. Give it a try and discover the endless possibilities of AI technology with Fotor's face generator.

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