Aidaptive is an AI platform that offers personalized shopping experiences, driving conversions and revenue growth.




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Aidaptive is an AI-powered eCommerce platform designed to deliver personalized experiences to shoppers and drive substantial results for businesses. Recognizing that every shopper is unique, Aidaptive aims to provide a tailored shopping experience to every visitor, thereby increasing conversions and revenue.

Key Features of Aidaptive include:

  • Predictive Analysis & Personalization: The platform can predict the best products to promote to each visitor based on a variety of personalization factors, without requiring any manual rules setup or optimization.
  • Enterprise-Grade Machine Learning: Aidaptive is powered by Jarvis ML technology, built by the Google AI team behind Google Ads and Payments. It delivers enterprise-grade power tailored to meet your needs.
  • Customer Loyalty: By offering more relevant products, Aidaptive helps drive more first-time purchases, grow shopping cart size, and foster customer loyalty.

Aidaptive operates by feeding data into its predictive personalization engine, which in turn analyzes the data and personalizes key revenue touchpoints in real-time. As more data is collected, the engine's intelligence increases, leading to more powerful and accurate predictions.

Founded by the Google AI team behind Google Ads and Payments, Aidaptive is built with a focus on enterprise-grade artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The platform has been successful in helping brands scale their businesses by automating personalized shopping experiences.

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