Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers individuals an innovative opportunity to utilize the power of technology. With support for both Intel and Apple silicon processors, users can enjoy the flexibility of selecting which version works




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The AI helping hand, AMA, is here to make life easier. AMA offers individuals a revolutionary access to artificial intelligence technology. With support for Intel and Apple silicon, users are given the freedom to choose which version they want to use - all they have to do is follow the instructions to determine their Mac model. In addition, users can setup Azure OpenAIs to further enhance their user experience. To do this, one needs to fill out the API version and other bits of information can be found in the Azure console. If any network or validation errors occur, then it means that the resource name, API version, deployment ID, or key was entered incorrectly. Together with a user-friendly experience brought to life by AMA, users are given access to Artificial Intelligence technology without spending too much time or effort.

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