Art Review Generator

Art Review Generator

This Art Review Generator utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create medium-length sets of sentences. By analyzing matrices of probability, it can simulate the language of Artforum reviews from




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This Art Review Generator is a natural language processing tool and text generator that uses a set of words as a prompt to generate a medium-length set of sentences. This tool simulates the language found in 57 years of Artforum reviews by analyzing deep matrices of probability, resulting in the creation of plausible sentences. While this is not considered Artificial Intelligence, it serves as an example for articles in mainstream news. The prompt words chosen in this particular generator are from reviews of modern art, as they use a unique language filled with emotion, intent, technique, and impact. What is intriguing is that the generator will also detect errors and create poetic glitches, as well as looping statements to create larger constructs. It is important to be aware of some of the issues that come up when using this tool. These include bias, prejudice, judgement, and training that combines decades of perspective in new ways. However, the focus of this generator is to provide an interesting and unique way to explore art reviews in an automated manner.

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