Artspark is a comprehensive creative arts play program designed to provide children with an opportunity to learn, create, and move. With its multi-sensory approach, young minds are encouraged




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Artspark is a comprehensive creative arts play program designed to get kids moving, inspired, and creative. The program focuses on active learning, encouraging children to explore, create, and cooperate with others. Utilizing a multi-sensory approach, Artspark encourages children to explore their surroundings, expanding their understanding of the world around them. The program consists of custom developed games, physical activities, and creative projects designed by professional classroom teachers. The activities promote a variety of STEM skills, allowing kids to develop a base of knowledge in these core subjects while also gaining insight into the importance of creative art forms. Sessions are designed to boost group interaction, collaborative problem-solving, and independent thinking in a fun, safe environment. Throughout each program session, kids learn important color principles, how colors interact with one another, and how to apply them to their art projects. They also gain a strong understanding of the elements of design and how creative ideas are born. Artspark also helps to develop a greater appreciation for the environment and the positive role it can play in fostering creativity. Artspark is an effective educational program that allows children to learn not only the core fundamentals of the creative arts, but also benefit

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