Askui is an innovative software that enables automation on various operating systems, including web, mobile, and desktop platforms. It can be easily installed and run on a local device, with the option to




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The article discusses askui, a software that allows for automation on any operating system. It can be used with web, mobile, or desktop applications, and by default is set up to run on a local machine. Users can select which display to run the tests on, with display 0 being the main display. The software is available through an integrated client and operates at the OS level for maximum compatibility. The syntax for using askui is demonstrated through a code snippet, with instructions for selecting the display to run tests on. It is noted that the use of pronouns such as 'we' or 'our' should be avoided as the software is a third-party product. Overall, askui aims to make UI automation more accessible and user-friendly by supporting multiple OS and applications. With its integrated client and OS-level automation, users can easily run automations on their preferred display. The article highlights the versatility and simplicity of askui, making it a valuable tool for developers in their automation process.

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