Experience the new way of "reading". Turn articles, emails, PDFs into podcasts with Audioread. Enjoy learning, multitasking, commuting - handsfree!



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  • Audioread is the innovation of the AI era, revolutionizing how we consume content. It's a powerful tool that uses advanced AI technology to convert written text, be it articles, emails, PDFs, or even YouTube text, into engaging audio podcasts. Not only is this compatible with different content formats, but it also supports 77 languages, making it truly universal.
  • You can now transform your "read later" list into "listen later", adding flexibility and convenience to your routine. Whether you're commuting, exercising, or running errands, Audioread ensures that you stay connected to the content that matters to you. With a quick two-click process, this tool is user-friendly and adaptable to your daily needs.
  • Audioread's unique feature lies in its compatibility with numerous podcast apps. From Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more, it allows you to listen to your favorite content in the platform of your choice. If you prefer browsing, no worries. Audioread provides an in-browser listening experience.
  • Key use cases of Audioread include commute companionship, facilitating multitasking, and enhancing the ease of information consumption. So, if you're a busy professional, a learner on the go, or simply someone seeking to maximize their time, Audioread is the AI-powered tool designed for you. Now, you can "read" without reading and do more with your time.

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