Edgar Navarro, a designer, innovator, and strategist at Yomexiro, has created a groundbreaking feature, Figma Autoname, that is transforming the way designers work




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Figma Autoname is a groundbreaking feature that is revolutionizing the way designers work and collaborate. Aimed at helping users save time and increase productivity, the feature automatically generates names for files, art boards, frames, layers, and more. Created by Edgar Navarro, a designer, innovator, and strategist at Yomexiro, this feature is being praised by designers around the world. Charles Patterson, a senior staff product designer, commended it saying, “You’ll go down in history forever for this.” Vitaly Friedman, co-founder of Smashing Magazine, proclaimed he was amazed by the tool and its usefulness. Product Designer Omah also embraced the feature saying it was very helpful. The Autoname feature is an amazing way to make sure file names are automatically organized and unique. Saving time and helping increase productivity, users await new features by the same company.

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