Meet Bertha, your AI-based writing assistant that saves you up to 90% of your time by generating engaging website copy, captivating images, and converting product descriptions. Now, create content ten times faster directly in Chrome and WordPress with Bertha.




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Introducing Bertha, the AI-based writing assistant designed to revolutionize your content creation process. Created with the aim of saving you time and making your copy more compelling, Bertha works in tandem with WordPress and Chrome to offer an effortless content creation experience.

Why Choose Bertha? Bertha is designed to do the hard work for you, making your content creation process quick, easy, and effective. You can now craft engaging content without the hassle of creating it.

Key Features of Bertha:

  1. Craft Website Copy In Minutes: Say goodbye to the long hours spent writing. With Bertha, you can generate engaging and converting website copy in minutes, saving up to 90% of your time.
  2. Create Images & Illustrations: Leverage the power of AI to create mesmerizing images for your website in seconds and in every possible style.
  3. Generate Converting Product Descriptions: Bertha provides ideas and full-on textual content, helping you generate product descriptions that convert.
  4. Get Ideas & Write Your Next Blog Post: Write your next blog post in minutes rather than hours with Bertha, and get engaging, creative, and converting content.

Let Bertha into your life and have a trained AI-based writing assistant help you write engaging, creative, and converting website copy and images in minutes. Start crafting compelling and attention-grabbing copy today with Bertha.

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