Brevity is an AI-powered summarization solution which provides succinct, easy-to-understand summaries of lengthy materials. It employs AI algorithms to scan the original content and offer suggestions




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Brevity is an AI-powered summarization tool that produces concise, easy-to-read summaries from long-form content. It scans the original source material and offers suggestions on how to improve clarity and flow. Brevity can take the form of a written summary, an audio excerpt, or even a highlight reel. The tool is designed to compress materials without sacrificing logical structure or relevance. Using Brevity is easy – users simply copy and paste text into the platform, and the summarization tool does the work in minutes. The platform is free to use for up to three times daily. After that, pricing plans are available. Brevity is especially useful for content creators who wish to present difficult topics in a way that is easily understandable. It also serves as an ideal method of reducing textual bulk when the need arises. File sizes are shrunk, yet the essence of the text remains unchanged. With Brevity, users have the freedom to summarise multiple sources into one summarization or split them into multiple documents. Users also have the option to receive their summaries in PDF, HTML, and some other formats. In conclusion, Brevity is a useful summarization tool that helps content creators compress long

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