CALA is the premier fashion supply chain interface, integrating design, development, production, and logistics into one digital platform. Suitable for brands of all sizes, this all-in-one platform provides tools to streamline and optimize your supply chain, encouraging collaboration and offering worldwide production capabilities.




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CALA is revolutionizing the fashion industry as the first operating system tailored for it. As the leading interface for the fashion supply chain, it unifies crucial areas of the fashion business, including design, development, production, and logistics into a singular, seamless digital platform. From established retailers and medium-sized fashion houses to independent designers, CALA offers scalable solutions that grow with your brand.

Our platform features an industry-first app that allows fashion companies to collaborate with their global supply chain in the product creation process, right from conception to completion, on any mobile device.

At CALA, we provide a range of tools to automate and optimize your supply chain. Our offerings include a network of ready designers, real-time collaboration tools, global production capabilities, dynamic and guaranteed pricing, task management solutions, and customized financing terms.

With our platform, you can design fashion products in a whole new way. Drag and drop inspiration images, sketches, and references into context. Add comments, precise measurements, and collaborate in real-time with your team to streamline the design process.

Moreover, CALA's Teams feature encourages real-time communication and cross-team collaboration. With bifurcated notifications acting as your virtual assistant and systematic appraisals and reviews of all emails, you can stay on top of all necessary approvals with ease.

CALA automates your supply chain with guaranteed pricing, a global partner network that scales with your brand, and flawless logistics. Say goodbye to the traditional hassles of running a fashion brand and embrace the future with CALA.

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