Humans of the future will possess unparalleled physical, mental, and sensory capabilities, enabled by a combination of organic and technological inputs. Nanotechnologies may modify the brain, allowing incredible perception



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HyperHuman In the not too distant future, humans will be able to take advantage of a variety of tools and technology to go beyond their current capabilities and become “hyperhuman” – or more than human. This will include an unprecedented level of physical, mental, and sensory capabilities, enabled by the integration of various biological, technological and even social systems. For instance, the augmentation of the brain via nanotechnology, or the manipulation of the body via genetic engineering, could enable superhuman forms of perception, cognition, memory, and physical strength. This could also involve the integration of human and non-human intelligence, enabling an entirely new level of communication and collaboration. In addition, robotic prostheses and exoskeletons could enable humans to manipulate objects and environments with phenomenal capabilities, especially those involving a high level of precision and strength. The implications of becoming hyperhuman, for both individual people and society, could be immense. It could allow individuals to not just extend their collective abilities beyond any current limitation, but also to realize goals in a much more efficient way. It could enable humans to be more productive, creative, and deeply connected with the physical and social world around them.

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