Chatty is an intelligent AI assistant designed to make completing everyday tasks simpler. It leverages natural language requests to understand user queries and automatically determine what the appropriate action should be. This helps



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Chatty is an AI assistant that helps you save time by automating mundane tasks. It works by understanding natural language requests and automatically determining which action to take based on its AI engine. Chatty makes it easier to manage information, and quickly get answers to questions you have. The AI engine uses data from conversations — both past and present — to learn and guide future recommendations. This helps it become smarter and perform actions faster than a human. Plus, Chatty adapts between different digital channels like web, messaging and voice. Chatty is designed to bridge the gap between humans and computers. It operates through natural language requests and is optimized for quick responses, allowing users to quickly solve their questions in one shot. This is particularly useful for mundane tasks like setting reminders, sending emails or making reservations. Chatty also provides an integrated administrator dashboard for admins to view the activity across different channels. Plus, it integrates with third-party APIs, so you can have it work with your existing applications. Chatty is a smart AI assistant that helps automate mundane tasks. By understanding natural language requests and seamlessly integrating with existing applications and digital channels, it makes it easier to ask questions and get answers quickly.

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