Codiga is a powerful, adaptive platform delivering advanced static code analysis in modern development environments. It enables users to create custom-tailored checks and rules, and evaluate them quickly. Codiga



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Codiga is an innovative platform for static code analysis, providing customizable static code analysis tools and rulesets which work in popular IDEs, CI/CD pipelines and more. With Codiga, you can design and test your own code analysis rules in 5 minutes, or utilize existing rules from the Codiga Hub. It is capable of autofixing code, with a real-time analysis that is security-focused, with specific features for OWASP 10, MITRE CWE, Sans/CWE Top 25.

It offers a multi-branch support with feedback given in seconds, rather than minutes. In addition to the static analysis, Codiga also provides automated code reviews and code snippets which include creating and finding snippets from IDEs, creating snippets with a click, sharing snippets with teams or externally, and finding snippets from the Codiga Hub. With this range of features, Codiga is an essential tool for ensuring your code is clean, safe and secure.

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