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Concise AI

where appropriate For busy individuals looking for a novel way to stay up-to-date on current events, Concise offers an efficient and effortless way to scan news stories. By providing users




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Concise: The new way to read news Concise is a novel approach to modern news media. It was designed to make it easier for busy people to catch up on relevant daily news quickly and efficiently. Instead of sifting through pages of text and multiple clicks, Concise provides the main points of a story in one easy-to-read format. Rather than having to wade through pages of information to dig up the facts, Concise instantly provides the headline, main points, statistics, figures, and other key details for a reader to quickly understand what’s going on. For lengthy articles, Concise offers the “quick scan” mode, which delivers the main points in a few paragraphs. All the necessary information is highlighted and concisely explained. Using Concise, readers can stay up to date on current events without having to spend hours reading or listening to the news. In addition to the news updates, Concise also offers a new and improved way to take notes and track progress. It allows users to store notes and articles in one easy-to-access place, and make progress checks against their long-term goals. Concise is the perfect solution for those

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