where appropriate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the ability to transform sales and customer service in the automotive industry. Missed calls from potential customers are often seen as a missed opportunity for businesses, but



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"Turn Missed Calls into New Sales with AI" is an article that discusses how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be utilized to improve sales and customer service in the automotive industry. The author explains that missed calls from potential customers are a missed opportunity for businesses, and AI can help convert those missed calls into sales. The article highlights the importance of capturing customer information, such as the make and model of their car, through missed calls. With AI, this information can be automatically collected and stored, allowing businesses to follow up with potential customers and turn missed calls into new sales. Additionally, AI can analyze call data and provide valuable insights on customer preferences and behavior. One key feature of AI highlighted in the article is its ability to schedule appointments for customers automatically. This saves time for both the customer and the business, as well as reduces the chances of missed appointments. The author emphasizes that this feature is particularly useful for businesses that offer services, such as van repairs, that require a van to come out to the customer. AI can gather information from the missed call and automatically schedule the most appropriate van and technician for the job, streamlining the process and improving efficiency. Overall, the article showcases the potential of AI in the automotive industry. By utilizing AI

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