DoNotPay is a revolutionary AI consumer champion aimed at improving user protection. It implements innovative tools driven by artificial intelligence to help individuals grapple with bureaucracy, dislodge hidden financial assets, combat corporate


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DoNotPay is an AI consumer champion powered by artfiicial intelligence. It enables users to access information and tools to help them fight big corporations, protect their privacy, find hidden money, and beat bureaucracy.

By signing up or signing in, the user agrees to DoNotPay's Terms and Conditions and to receive messages through their provided phone number or email address. Among the tasks users can accomplish with DoNotPay are: fighting corporations; beating bureaucracy; finding hidden money; canceling subscriptions; and automatically canceling free trials. It promotes a subscription-free lifestyle. It is important to note that DoNotPay is not a law firm and is not licensed to practice law but is legally licensed to provide a platform for legal information and self-help.

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