Recruiting teams looking to streamline their processes and save time may find value in utilizing an AI-assisted email solution. Dover provides an efficient, automated system for managing and creating emails,


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Dover is an AI-assisted email solution for recruiting teams looking to save time and energy on labor-intensive, repetitive tasks. The platform allows you to generate hundreds of custom emails for your recruiters to send out to candidates quickly and accurately. Dover helps companies to efficiently manage their recruiting communication, so that recruiters can focus on their core responsibilities. Dover simplifies message creation by allowing recruiters to create templates and store them for future use. Templates can already include some of the facts about the candidate, or, the recruiter can use a tool within the platform to quickly input the variables about the candidate into the fields. The platform also allows for email auto-replies and bulk mailings, reducing the time it takes to send out multiple emails in one go, as well as reducing the chance of human errors. The email suite also includes customizable templates and rich-text editor tools to help you create engaging, stylish emails quickly and easily. All emails sent out via Dover are stored in the platform, meaning that you always have sight of the exact format you used for each candidate. This makes keeping track of communication efforts easier within the platform. Overall, Dover is a great platform for recruiting

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