Empower your finance operations with Eilla, a secure AI assistant designed for in-depth analysis and document generation, prioritizing your privacy while optimizing your business performance.




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Eilla is a secure AI assistant designed specifically for the finance sector. Harness the power of Generative AI without compromising your data security:

  1. Instant Document Generation: Produce ad-hoc documents like one-pagers in mere seconds. Analyze large amounts of sensitive client data securely for the creation of marketing materials. Quickly extract key points from extensive documents such as SPAs and Term Sheets.
  2. In-depth Market Analysis: Generate comprehensive reports analyzing market trends based on historical data from press releases and earnings calls. Maintain unmatched precision and consistency while leveraging vast amounts of internal and external data for thorough private company analysis.
  3. Efficient Reporting: Speed up the creation of extensive IC memos, tailored to each investment opportunity's unique context. Analyze internal data swiftly to produce insightful documents such as detailed findings reports and executive summaries, thereby making strategic recommendations without sacrificing privacy.

Eilla ensures maximum data security:

  • Anonymize your sensitive data before using AI
  • Keep a private log of all masked outgoing data
  • Guarantee that your private data is kept secure and never used for model training

Optimize your financial workflows with Eilla, where security and performance converge.

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