Enzyme offers quality management solutions especially designed for the healthcare industry. It integrates sophisticated web-based software with superior user experience and a custom-built workflow engine to give healthcare locations control over their



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Enzyme is an innovative Quality Management System (QMS) specifically designed for the complexities of the healthcare industry. Enzyme combines advanced, configurable web-based software with superior user experience and a custom-built workflow engine. This enables healthcare facilities to have complete control over their clinical data, effectively streamline their clinical processes, increase efficiencies in discussion across teams, and automate tracking, reporting, and compliance. Enzyme's innovative design helps provide insights into patient care and allows healthcare facilities to identify risks and areas of improvement early in the process. The software also helps facilitate better communication between personnel, departments, facilities, and vendors, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. With Enzyme, healthcare professionals can access, analyze, and report data in real-time, allowing them to make more informed decisions and provide better patient care. The configurable workflow engine allows healthcare professionals to choose from a variety of customizable options, enabling them to save time and focus on core operations. Enzyme's modern UI supports rapid development and deployment of new features, policies, and standards. Additionally, Enzyme includes powerful, configurable APIs, making it easy for healthcare professionals to integrate with existing applications, creating greater, seamless workflow automation.

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