Flamel AI

Flamel AI

Flamel AI is a market leader in the field of data extraction and analytics, providing powerful, AI-driven capabilities to its users. Their deep learning and natural language processing models enable users


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  • Flamel AI provides users with powerful artificial intelligence capabilities, including the ability to extract, track, and explore data from a variety of sources. The company was founded in 2016 and has quickly become a leader in the AI-driven data extraction and analytics industry. Flamel AI's data extraction technology is powered by deep learning and natural language processing models that are trained on a large number of fragmentary documents and entire documents, allowing them to interpret data and generate insights from any document type. It is the go-to tool for businesses to extract key information from their documents without the need for costly manual data entry efforts. Flamel AI's analytics platform helps users use the extracted data to gain new insights. This platform makes use of machine learning models to analyze the data and visualize the results, enabling users to quickly identify trends and patterns within their data. Flamel AI also offers a range of professional services, which focus on product customization, data integration, and analytics strategy assistance. These services provide a comprehensive, data-driven solution for businesses from all industries, allowing them to make better use of their data. Flamel AI is an AI-driven data extraction and analytics company that provides users

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