Formula God

Formula God

Users can easily gain insights from their stored data with the help of Formula God. AI-based natural language processing algorithms allow individuals to ask simple questions in order to find specific data points across multiple




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Formula God allows users to easily manage and store large data amounts in Google Sheets. By using AI-based natural-language processing, users can now talk to the spreadsheet in a language they understand. Formula God allows users to ask simple questions to find specific data points in the tables. The AI algorithms analyze natural language and then provide answers about any identified cells or range, across an entire spreadsheet. Formula God provides user with the ability to have direct conversations with the spreadsheet, without having to enter any complicated formula expressions. The AI-based natural language processing algorithm behind the technology is powerful enough to understand users’ requests and automatically format its answers. Formula God also allows users to interact with the data in more meaningful ways, such as writing conditional statements and analyzing data sets. Users can filter their data using phrases such as “Find rows where column A equals Tuesday” and the AI will instantly recognize the condition and respond with the correct result. In order for users to communicate with Formula God, they must give their Google Sheet permission to access their account. Once given permission, Formula God will access all of the user’s spreadsheets within their account and provide meaningful and accurate answers within seconds

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