Frame is a simple & unified suite of AI work apps.


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Frame is an operating system for enterprises that consists of, on the one hand, a simple suite of native work apps for teams and, on the other hand, of a searchable ecosystem of third-party apps.

Think of Frame as iOS, but built for businesses. At the core, Frame wants to offer a unified work software suite with 3 pillars: (1) minimalism, (2) interoperability, and (3) team-readiness. Frame comes packed with super-powers like: - real-time co-creation in any apps - community & company templates - cross-apps search with cmd-K bar - cross-apps linking & back-linking - AI-powered auto-labeling Our vision down the line is to 'augment' our users with AI operators that will be able to perform operations on our native suite of apps and third-party apps. Ultimately, Frame can become the backbone of full enterprise automation.

We believe Frame is uniquely positioned to enable enterprise automation and insights by offering centralized and standardized access to data.

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