Free Subtitles AI

Free Subtitles AI

For those requiring cost-efficient and rapid transcription, FreeSubtitles.AI is an ideal solution. Offering two models of accuracy – Whisper Model Medium (High Accuracy) and




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FreeSubtitles.AI is an online service that allows people to effortlessly transcribe audio and video and trade them into text. The service offers two different models of transcription in terms of accuracy: Whisper Model Medium (High Accuracy) and Whisper Model Large V2 (Best Accuracy). In addition, users are able to use both Open Source M2M\_100 Model (Good Accuracy) and DeepL, Yandex (Best Accuracy) for text translation. One of the great features of FreeSubtitles.AI is the efficient file size and length limits: users are able to upload and transcribe files up to 300 MB in size and 1 hour in duration. With the Whisper Model Large V2 (Best Accuracy), file sizes of up to 10 GB and 10 hour file length durations are possible. The service is also able to run transcription jobs without having to keep the browser tab open, meaning it can be left to do the work for you. Overall, FreeSubtitles.AI is a great resource for anyone looking to quickly and easily transcribe audio and video into text. With its two different models of accuracy, file sizes of up to 10 GB and length durations

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