Free Text To Speech Online

Free Text To Speech Online

This article presents an innovative new text-to-speech converter powered by Microsoft AI speech library, providing a realistic and natural-sounding synthetic speech. With this tool, users can customize their text


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This article presents the features and benefits of an innovative new text-to-speech online converter. The converter leverages Microsoft AI speech library to generate a realistic and natural-sounding synthetic speech.

This is made even more unique by the inclusion of customisable text narrator voices that reflect brand identities, and fine-tuned text-to-speech controls that can be adjusted to optimise the output for specific scenarios. It also has multi-lingual support, covering 331 neural network voices over 129 languages and variants. In addition, the tool is supported by popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge (new version) and WeChat, though only playback is supported on WeChat. Lastly, a donation via USDT (TRC20), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum/USDT (ERC20) or Paypal is encouraged to support the development of the tool. With its unique features and multi-lingual support, this tool offers a comprehensive solution for people to create better audio experiences.

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