. Technology and finance meet in the innovative new application Geldhelden.AI. Its creators have deep experience in the financial industry, and a desire to use technology and innovation to help more




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  • Geldhelden.AI is an innovative application that aims to help more people obtain financial education and reach financial freedom. Its creators have years of experience in the industry and a passion for technology and innovation. They noticed that many investors struggle to understand the complexities of investments and lack the optimal strategy to do so. Through artificial intelligence, the app seeks to provide personalized investment advice tailored to an individual's financial goals. To get started, the team has focused on the conception and planning of the app, including developing a detailed business plan and road map. They have also developed a minimum viable product (MVP) to test if the app meets the needs of users. A powerful team consisting of an experienced entrepreneur, a financial coach, and a founder of a large financial community serve as the foundation for the success of the project. The next step is to launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of the app and to test the market demand. Its success will be an important milestone in the market launch of the application. Overall, Geldhelden.AI offers a unique opportunity that combines technology and professional financial advice to make investment decisions simpler and smarter.

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