Getfloorplan offers an AI-powered tool, Getfloorplan, for quick, user-friendly & cost-effective creation of 2D, 3D floor plans and 360° virtual tours.



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Getfloorplan, presented by, is a breakthrough AI-driven service tailored to generate detailed 2D and 3D floor plans, along with immersive 360° virtual tours. It's a unique tool that blends AI technology with practical utility, providing time-saving, budget-friendly solutions for real estate professionals. With its quick processing feature, users can upload a floor plan or sketch and receive high-quality outputs in just 30 minutes, expediting the process of property showcasing.

This tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and a widget, making it easily accessible on all devices and facilitating easy navigation within the plan. It's an affordable automation service that reduces costs while enhancing quality and efficiency.

The application of Getfloorplan extends to real estate agents, architects, designers, and property managers. It enables agents to elevate property listings with detailed floor plans and virtual tours, while architects and designers can offer fast, affordable floor plan solutions to clients. Property managers can augment listings and attract more potential tenants, thereby increasing calls and engagement.

As an overall package, Getfloorplan, through its AI capabilities, paves the way for high-quality floor plan creation and virtual tour experiences, amplifying customer engagement and satisfaction.

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