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GitBook Solutions offers an advanced level of searching with the help of its Lens AI technology. Instead of manually searching through a large database for relevant results, users can now enter a query such



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GitBook Solutions offers Smarter Search with Lens AI. Using the Lens AI technology, the search processes and results have been improved to a level of intelligent, automated responses. With Lens AI, the user can simply enter a query such as “What is GitBook?” and retrieve a concise, accurate answer immediately. The Lens AI technology processes and searches through vast amounts of data to surface the most relevant results. The responses provided by Lens AI are gathered from the company’s existing knowledge databases, as well as a wide range of other sources. The technology also features a suite of related resources, such as suggested follow-up questions and other pages that are relevant to the user’s query. This results in an enhanced search experience, allowing the user to quickly find the most relevant information. GitBook Solutions’ Smarter Search with Lens AI provides automated, intelligent processing and results for quicker, easier navigation through the platform’s knowledge databases. With its powerful search engine and related resources, users can trust that the responses they are given are accurate and relevant while saving time on searches. By utilizing this innovative technology, GitBook Solutions provides reliable, effective search for its users.

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