Meet Charlie, the marketing assistant you truly deserve. Trained to understand your brand, Charlie generates unlimited social media posts, blogs, ads, and GTM strategies, all in your brand voice. Streamline your workflow and elevate your content with Charlie.




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Introducing Charlie, the marketing assistant you've been waiting for. Charlie is designed to generate unlimited content tailored to your brand's voice, products, and goals.

Step 1: Train Charlie: Charlie begins by learning about your brand voice, products, and objectives to ensure the content created is aligned with your brand.

Step 2: Select Content Type: Choose from over 60 types of content or direct Charlie using the Assistant feature to generate the specific content you need.

Step 3: Fetch Content: Charlie fetches a final draft of content that resonates with your brand voice, ready for you to review and publish.

Charlie boasts a set of workflow-changing features that include:

Blog Posts: Need a lengthy blog post? Charlie can generate a 1500+ word blog with just one click or guide you through the process with its blog wizard.

Social Media: From engaging Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads to influencer-style posts, Charlie crafts captivating social media content that resonates with your audience.

Images & Art: Transform text into 4K, Vertical, and Widescreen images. Stuck on what to write about an image? Use the Image2Ad feature for inspiration.

Content Repurposing: Turn websites, audio, and video files into blogs, social media campaigns, and show notes within seconds!

With Charlie, you get the marketing assistant you truly deserve.

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