Harpa Ai

Harpa Ai

Transform your browsing experience with HARPA, the #1 AI Automation Agent for Chrome. From email management to SEO articles and competitor monitoring, HARPA offers a suite of features that streamline your online tasks.



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Meet HARPA, the AI Automation Agent for Chrome that's redefining the way you interact with the web. With a 5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store and trusted by over 160,000 professionals, HARPA is not just another browser extension—it's a comprehensive AI assistant designed to make your online experience smarter, faster, and more efficient.

AI at Your Fingertips: Activate HARPA on any website with a simple Alt + A command. Compatible with multiple browsers like Chrome, Brave, Opera, Edge, and Firefox, HARPA is designed to be as versatile as it is powerful.

Best-in-Class AI Assistant: HARPA is engineered with a hybrid AI engine that integrates with OpenAI's GPT-3 & GPT-4 API, ChatGPT, Claude2, and Google Bard. Whether you need to summarize emails, rewrite articles, or scan web pages for data, HARPA has got you covered.

YouTube Summarizer: Don't have time to watch hours-long videos? HARPA can extract key takeaways with just a click, saving you valuable time.

Writer That Mimics Your Style: From emails and social posts to SEO-optimized articles, HARPA can mimic your writing style, making the content truly yours.

100+ Web-Aware Commands: Refine your LinkedIn resume, generate social media hashtags, or even write code using one of HARPA's 100+ web and page-aware prompts.

Marketing & SEO: Take your SEO game to the next level. HARPA can perform SEO audits, extract keywords, and even create content calendars to help you outrank your competitors.

Track Price Drops: Never miss a deal again. HARPA can monitor price drops on virtually every e-commerce website, from Amazon and AliExpress to Walmart and eBay.

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