Horizon AI Template

Horizon AI Template

Horizon AI is the latest openAI ChatGPT Dashboard template, specifically built to expedite the development of powerful AI & ChatGPT SaaS applications, chatbot projects and




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Horizon AI Template is the trendiest openAI ChatGPT Admin Dashboard template, chatbot and starter kit, built for React, NextJS and Chakra UI. It is the ultimate solution for creating outstanding AI & ChatGPT SaaS Apps, Chatbot Projects & Prompts 10X faster.

The Horizon AI Template allows you to create a modern and user-friendly AI & ChatGPT SaaS application or a ready-to-go chatbot project that works across multiple platforms. With its wide range of components, it provides a pre-built structure and assists you in setting up your initial components to kickstart your project development. In addition to customizing components, the Horizon AI Template also helps with integrating payment gateways, automated payment processing, and automations. You can also create custom forms, deploy pipelines, automate development tasks, and add powerful analytics. Lastly, Horizon AI Template provides a comprehensive, detailed dashboard to monitor and analyze your project performance.

In short, Horizon AI Template is a one-stop shop for creating powerful AI & ChatGPT SaaS applications and chatbot projects. Horizon AI Template is the trendiest openAI ChatGPT Admin Dashboard template tailored for

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