With Instoried's AI technology, content creators can rapidly generate engaging stories based on data-backed insights and actionable guidance. Powered by deep learning, natural language processing, transfer learning and semantic



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Instoried is the world’s first end-to-end AI content writing tool. This revolutionary tool enhances user written content by suggesting powerful data backed insights and actionable advice. It allows users to create compelling content quickly and easily, as the AI guides them in the writing process. Instoried's AI draws upon deep learning, natural language processing, transfer learning and semantic analysis to help you analyze your data, look for correlations and patterns, and more accurately capture the intent of your data. It then guides you through your user-defined content creation flow, enabling you to quickly and easily create powerful, engaging stories. Instoried is designed to be used by content specialists, agencies, bloggers, marketers, and anyone who wants to create engaging content. It’s easy to use, highly adaptable, and can be used to create writing content for any topic. It’s also great for quickly producing content for social media, as it provides users with the ability to quickly add visuals, quotes, and more to their content without the need to search for stock photography. In addition, Instoried’s AI can also be used to evaluate the quality of user-created content. Using

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