Interior AI: An AI-powered app offering interior design ideas and virtual staging for real estate listings. Enhance spaces with smart design!



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Interior AI is a ground-breaking application that employs AI to deliver interior design ideas and virtual staging solutions for real estate listings. It's an innovative tool that brings together technology and design to help transform spaces.

AI-generated designs are one of the major features of this app. It has the ability to detect room construction and generate interior design ideas and mockups, making it easier to visualize your ideas. Users can upload images of their current interiors, and the AI will provide personalized ideas and mockups based on these images.

Interior AI offers virtual staging with various styles catering to diverse preferences. Whether you prefer modern, classic, rustic, or minimalist design, the app can generate suitable staging options.

The app offers resolution options, allowing users to choose between high or low resolution renders as per their requirements. For an enhanced experience, users can upgrade to Pro, providing enhanced privacy with a private workspace, watermark-free HQ renders, and deletion options.

Use cases for Interior AI are numerous. Real estate agents can use it for virtual staging of properties for listings. Homeowners can generate personalized interior design ideas and inspiration. Interior designers can use it to showcase different styles and mockups for clients.

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