An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered meeting assistant, Jamie, makes generating summaries of meetings effortless. This cutting-edge technology enables users to generate high-quality summaries within seconds,




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Jamie is an AI-based assistant for meeting summaries designed to make summarizing meetings effortless. This AI-powered tool enables users to generate business-writing quality summaries within seconds, regardless of the meeting platform or language used.

Jamie works by using audio during the meeting for transcription that generates the summary. The audio data is then deleted from the system. The model has been trained on 170 billion parameters allowing it to accurately detect deep industry-specific words and concepts. In addition, it can be adjusted to a custom level of detail and summaries can be shared with participants with the click of a button. Jamie is already being used by organizations across the world and has the potential to save a lot of time meeting summaries. TeamTap, the young startup from Cologne, Germany, is behind this product and continues to make its user experience better.

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