Jenni AI is a groundbreaking application that leverages AI to assist users with their research and writing. Initially, Jenni scans uploaded PDF files and evaluates the context to determine the user objectives




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Supercharge Your Writing with Jenni AI Jenni AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence application that facilitates research and writing for students and professionals. Jenni has the ability to process PDF uploads and analyze them against the latest research across all fields to deliver efficient results. Jenni's unique capabilities also enable users to easily cite in styles like APA, MLA, IEEE, Harvard, and many others. Jenni starts with analyzing the uploaded PDFs, assessing the context of the documents to understand the objectives of the writer. Jenni then searches the web for related research material and then suggests possible references and additions to the current PDF. This helps to expand the knowledge base as it can find and curate literature that is otherwise not available to a single person. In addition, Jenni’s AI engine can help detect any bias in the text. From there, Jenni can convert the research into citations and other vital elements of a paper such as footnotes and bibliography. This can save hours of time for the user, ensuring that proper referencing and citation is not missed out while also ensuring accuracy. What makes Jenni truly unique is its ability to draft an essay or document.

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