JobWizard is an AI-powered job search platform and career guidance tool designed to assist individuals in making informed decisions about their career paths and job opportunities. It offers users a personalized suite of


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JobWizard is a career guidance and job search platform designed to help people make better-informed decisions with regards to their career paths and job opportunities. It provides users with a comprehensive and personalized suite of tools that support individuals in the exploration and pursuit of potential job opportunities. JobWizard’s tools are tailored to the individual’s needs, e.g. if you are just starting out in the job hunt, or you already have experience and need further guidance. JobWizard offers features to help users create an attractive resume, practice interviews and apply for positions. The platform provides users with key pieces of career info such as salary trends, job openings, and job opportunities, and gives them access to numerous helpful resources on their career journey. Furthermore, JobWizard tracks a variety of data points related to job searches and provides users with personalized feedback and actionable advice on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their job search. In addition, JobWizard can help faculty collaborations, employers, and students achieve even greater success with career exploration and job searching. It provides employers with the ability to effectively post job openings, and faculty members have the chance to connect with students and promote various positions.

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