Utilizing LanguageTool enables a hassle-free way to perfect any text, helping users avoid any pesky capitalization, lowercase, names, months, places, and nation errors. Get



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LanguageTool is an online grammar, style, and spell checking tool that helps users ensure all capitalizations, lowercase letters, names, months, places, and nations are correct. No longer will incorrect casing ruin a sentence or piece of writing; LanguageTool effortlessly finds and corrects any issues. From identifying capitalization in headlines to proper display of people’s names, LanguageTool is the perfect tool for anyone looking to proofread their work. It offers a quick and easy solution to an otherwise tedious task, allowing users to focus on the more important aspects while feeling secure in the knowledge that their completed work is free from any mistakes. With its lightning-fast speed and accuracy, it truly is the perfect tool for any writer or editor looking to perfect their work without the hassle.

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