Transform your meetings with Magical: AI-powered meeting management, automated note-taking, seamless scheduling, and more. A new era of productivity.




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Magical is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool revolutionizing the way meetings are managed. The main focus of Magical is to increase efficiency and productivity, eliminating tedious tasks and enhancing collaboration. It effortlessly transforms simple calendar invitations into a dynamic workspace for coordinating meetings.

Key features include Automated Meeting Summaries: an intelligent system that records, summarizes, and drafts meeting notes, even translating them into 32 different languages. The AI Notetaker integrates with popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, autonomously taking notes and marking action items so you can focus on the conversation at hand.

Furthermore, with ChatGPT Meeting Assistant, you can generate personalized meeting agendas based on your topics and goals, making meeting preparation a breeze. Magical also offers seamless synchronization with Notion, letting you organize all your meeting notes into a single, easily searchable hub.

With Magical's AI-powered scheduling links, finding the perfect time to meet becomes effortless, catering to your convenience and that of your guests. And to quickly navigate your schedule, access your calendar and meeting notes on any webpage with a simple ⌘+E command.

Magical serves varied professionals including busy individuals seeking a streamlined meeting solution, team leads aiming for better coordination, and those wanting to simplify scheduling and regain control over their time. Awarded as the #1 Product of the Day and one of the Top 10 Productivity Products of 2023 by Product Hunt, Magical comes with a 5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store.

Experience the future of time management with Magical, providing the fastest and easiest calendaring experience ever.

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