Maket: Revolutionizing residential planning with generative AI design. Create custom floorplans, navigate zoning codes, and explore limitless styles!



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Maket is an AI-powered platform revolutionizing residential planning and design. It empowers architects, designers, builders, contractors, and developers to generate residential floorplans, navigate zoning codes, and explore an unlimited array of design styles.

Maket's suite of tools facilitates automated floorplan generation, style exploration, and customization of design elements, offering the freedom to unleash creative potential. A built-in virtual assistant provides expert guidance on materials, costs, and design possibilities, helping users make confident and informed design choices.

With Maket, you can navigate the complexities of zoning codes and regulations with ease, ensuring that your projects comply with all necessary requirements, avoiding potential delays. It turns the arduous task of creating schematic designs that used to take months into a quick process that only takes minutes.

Maket also supports exploring different design styles and instantly visualizing them with a single text prompt. Transition between design styles effortlessly and customize elements to create your ideal aesthetic.

Lastly, Maket takes the pain out of understanding and adhering to zoning codes. Its Regulatory Assistant simplifies the process, allowing you to upload PDFs, ask questions in plain language, and get instant answers for compliant designs.

In essence, Maket is an all-in-one design platform that works for you, enhancing creativity with AI-powered tools, and making the design process smoother and faster.

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