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Nova AI

The piece highlights a new AI-powered video editing tool named Nova AI. Having missed out on a deal for a similar product, the writer ended up paying for video editing services. However, they came




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The article discusses a new online video editing software called Nova AI. The author initially missed out on a deal for a similar product, Happyscribe, and ended up paying for some videos. However, upon discovering Nova AI, they were impressed and did not hesitate to use it. One of the standout features of Nova AI is the ease of importing videos and the automatic generation of subtitles. As a French speaker, the author found very little corrections were needed and was able to quickly translate the subtitles into English with just one click. The author has only minor criticism of the software, noting that there may be some delays in operations, but overall it is not a major issue. Overall, the author is grateful for the opportunity to use Nova AI and believes it will greatly benefit their video editing process.

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