Stay informed on the news with Nüz, the revolutionary news platform. Go beyond traditional media outlets with stories that are hyper-local, experiential, and thought-provoking.




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Introducing Nüz – a revolutionary way to r̷e̷a̷d̷ watch the news. Nüz delivers news stories to you in a unique and compelling format, combining visuals and text based storytelling to create a truly dynamic experience. Nüz empowers people to stay informed on local, national, and global issues, while also offering a wide range of interactive elements to engage with. Nüz focuses on capturing stories from sources that may be passed over by traditional media outlets, presenting stories that are hyper-local, experiential, and thought-provoking. Nüz is an innovative news platform that takes a unique approach in providing the public with deeper insights on the news. Through the use of interactive technologies including 360˚ video, virtual reality, and augmented reality, Nüz immerses viewers into the news to provoke greater engagement and understanding. By using technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, Nüz takes readers on a journey, giving them the freedom to explore the news in a variety of ways. Nüz also offers an extensive library of content curated to match reader interests, improving the relevancy and accuracy of stories.

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