Chatbots are a great help to businesses, allowing them to quickly get answers to questions without having to search or wait for customer service. Oracle is a chatbot powered by advanced artificial intelligence (




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Oracle is a chatbot designed to help businesses quickly get answers from their knowledge base without having to search or wait for customer service. It works with popular team collaboration platforms like Slack, Docs and Notion, allowing users to quickly ask questions and get a response in seconds.

Through its AI-powered natural language processing, Oracle understands context and intent, allowing it to provide instant answers from the company’s knowledge base. This saves time and effort and streamlines the process of getting answers as opposed to searching or waiting for customer service. It also helps to ensure customers are getting the best and most accurate information that’s currently available. Oracle also provides an API for custom integrations and easily exports generated data and analytics into various formats. For businesses, Oracle offers the promise of lower customer service costs, improved customer service, and knowledge retention.

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