Paperclips Copilot

Paperclips Copilot

Students can use the Paperclips Copilot Chrome extension to turn content online into professional flashcards. By simply highlighting text on a web page, students can effortlessly create flashcards that are well-




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Paperclips Copilot is a Chrome extension that allows students to quickly and easily create high-quality flashcards from online content. With a single click of the mouse, any text highlighted in a web page is automatically converted into a professionally-designed flashcard. These flashcards are organized and accessible across tabs, so they can be easily reviewed and revised. Additionally, Paperclips Copilot allows the easy export of flashcards to popular platforms such as Anki and Quizlet. Paperclips Copilot is a powerful tool that encourages efficient, engaging, and enjoyable learning. It revolutionizes the way that students process and retain information they encounter online. With Paperclips Copilot, students can turn anything they read into part of their learning journey. Whether it’s notes from a course, a blog post, or even a research paper, Paperclips Copilot is the ideal assistant every student needs.

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