Bulk process tasks with ChatGPT using Rowy - a low-code solution for powerful workflows. Secure, collaborative, and free. Your AI-powered spreadsheet UI!




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Introducing Rowy, a versatile AI tool that enables you to bulk process tasks with ChatGPT on a spreadsheet-like user interface. This innovative platform optimizes ChatGPT operations, doing away with one-by-one querying through a highly functional, low-code solution.

Rowy, a free-to-use tool, allows you to implement powerful ChatGPT workflows, injecting your unique prompt logic and choosing from different models, such as GPT3 and GPT4. It's perfect for users looking to start with a no-code approach while still providing the option for full coding extensibility.

As a standout feature, Rowy ensures absolute data security. All prompts, generated data, and API keys reside securely within your own Google Cloud project, not on a third-party app. This security feature extends to role-based access control, allowing for collaborative work while preserving data integrity.

The convenience of Rowy is apparent in its import and export capabilities - process CSV or JSON files in bulk. Adjust your logic flexibly and deploy Cloud Functions with a single click. The platform offers collaborative spreadsheet UI, creating an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Offered as an open-source tool, Rowy is completely free. Depending on usage, charges may apply for OpenAI and Google Cloud services. Whether you're an AI enthusiast or a professional seeking to maximize the AI technology benefits, Rowy is a reliable, secure, and efficient tool.

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