Pitch League is a revolutionary solution created to help Pre-Seed and Seed founders who are in the process of raising funds. Leveraging AI algorithms to quickly assess a company's Intro Deck




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Pitch League is an innovative tool designed to help founders who are raising at Pre-Seed and Seed. It has been developed to assess and provide feedback on a company's ‘Intro Deck’, the presentation material a company creates to gain the attention of potential investors. Pitch League leverages data science and artificial intelligence algorithms to quickly break down the content of the deck, analyze important metrics such as value proposition, market opportunity, and team. By providing founders with a comprehensive review of their Intro Deck, Pitch League is designed to give them confidence that they are putting their best foot forward while approaching investors.

With its powerful Deck Analyzer feature, Pitch League promises to streamline the process of preparing a quality pitch deck, reducing the amount of time and resources needed. Ultimately, Pitch League is intended to give founders the peace of mind that their pitch deck is ‘investor ready’ before embarking on their seed round.

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