Portal is an easy-to-use platform for quickly assembling enterprise-grade web applications. It provides a powerful set of tools for designing and developing custom applications with an intuitive user interface.




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Portal is a powerful, modern-day application that makes it easy to connect disparate systems. It can be used to create single-page applications quickly and easily, and it's incredibly useful for creating complex applications that use multiple data sources. Portal accelerates the process of creating custom applications by providing a powerful user interface and powerful coding capabilities. Portal is a web-based application that provides the tools needed to create database-driven applications quickly and easily. With Portal, developers can realize complex business processes with just a few clicks of the mouse. It provides a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to quickly design forms, reports, lists, tables, grids, charts, and other elements of an application. Once designed, these elements can be hooked up to any database, making it easy to create applications to extract data from, store, manipulate, and display. Portal includes a number of features and components that make the creation of complex applications quicker and easier, including the ability to create, modify, and delete objects; built-in API endpoints so users can quickly access external data; basic integration with existing services, and more. Additionally, Portal has been optimized for the cloud and supports components to

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