Quiz Wizard

Quiz Wizard

Quiz Wizard is an interactive platform that helps learners explore various topics in a fun and engaging manner. Topics include chemistry elements, French Revolution events, php functions, household vocabulary in French, DNA




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Quiz Wizard is a comprehensive and interactive quiz system to learn about important topics in an engaging way. It covers a variety of topics such as elements of the periodic table, neoclassical economists, major events of the French Revolution, different functions in php, household vocabulary in French, and DNA and RNA: definitions. Each topic is offered in an interactive quiz format, allowing users to study topics of their choice. Quiz Wizard allows users to choose test duration, difficulty level, answer type and more.

It also features a global leaderboard to track users' progress. All quizzes come with detailed information about the topic, detailed question explanations and detailed analytic reports, helping users to understand any concepts they might have missed. With its comprehensive features and interactive approach, Quiz Wizard makes learning engaging and fun.

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